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Experience the diversity and charm of London with all its famous sights and attractions. From the imposing Tower Bridge to the historic Westminster Abbey, the city has something for everyone. Explore the vibrant nightlife in Soho, store in the luxurious boutiques of Mayfair or enjoy a show at the famous West End Theater. London is also known for its cultural diversity with a variety of international restaurants and markets. Learn about the city's history on a sightseeing tour or relax in Hyde Park. No matter what experience you are looking for, London has it to offer.

Discover the beauty of London with our high-quality staircase construction solutions. Our staircases are the perfect addition to residential homes and commercial buildings in this vibrant metropolis. Whether you need a new staircase for your home or business, we offer a wide range of options that are perfect for your style and needs. Let us create your dream staircase together and enjoy the view of London's famous landmarks all over again.

Popular design stairs and and around London

Zig Zag stairs in wood

zig zag stair in wood

Zig zag stair helical

Helical zig zag staircase in wood with curved glass balustrade

zig zag stair half turn

Zig zag stair half turn

Zig zag staircase with intermediary landing and half turn

zig zag stair with winder treads

Zig zag stair winder

Zig zag stair in timber, with glass railing and winder treads

Glass stairs in all glass

Glastreppe mit Bronze farbenem Glas

Mistral Bronze

Glass stair with bronze colored glass

Doppelflüglige Glastreppe

Mistral Twin

Mirrored all glass stair design

Glastreppe mit LED

Londra Float

Floating glass stair with LED, no hardware, 100% glass

Helical stairs in wood, steel and glass

seamless helical stair


Helical stair, seamless finish, painted white

22 Carat

Technically challanging helical stair design. Glass railing and outside stringer sloped, bent in two directions. Posts from brass, oval layout

Palo Alto Bogentreppe

Bogentreppe aus Holzfurnier. Eingebautes Sprinklersystem (optional) und Unterseite mit Glasfaserboden. 

Refference projects in London

COBRA White, Woodbury

Installed: 2018
Model: COBRA
Type: Private

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